WallStreet Finance

WSF NFT Collection

WallStreet Finance NFT is a collection of 5,000 WSF Avatars. Each NFT is unique and living on the Binance Smart Chain. With hundreds of artistic elements, each avatar is crafted by WSF Team Artist.
WSF NFT collection uniquely interacts with the WSF Ecosystem. There are 4 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic & Immortal. NFT Owners will receive BNB reward from 2% fee of $WSF sale volume, use NFT as a citizen to play WallStreet Social Game, AND trade the NFTs on the WSF NFT Marketplace.
NFT Drop Rate:
  • Common: drop rate 80%
  • Rare: drop rate 15%
  • Epic: drop rate 4%
  • Immortal: drop rate 1%
NFT Airdrop For Fair Launch Contributors:
Top 10 Fair Launch Contributors: 1 Random NFT Immortal each person
Top 11-50 Fair Launch Contributors: 1 Random NFT Epic each person
Top 51-200 Fair Launch Contributors: 1 Random NFT Rare each person
Other contributors: 1 Random NFT Common each person (Min contribute 0.1 BNB for being eligible - Max 500 Common NFTs will be airdropped. If there are more eligible contributors than the total number of NFT airdropped, NFT Common will airdrop to random contributors who contributed more than 0.1 BNB)
NFT Airdrop For Discord Invitation Contest
Top 1-3: 1 NFT Epic each person
Top 4-20: 1 NFT Rare each person
Top 21-100: 1 NFT Common each person
NFT Airdrop For $WSF Top Holders & Biggest Buyers Event After Launch:
1000 NFTs will be airdropped for the Biggest Event After PancakeSwap listing - $WSF Top Holders & Biggest Buyers Event
NFT Minting Event
3200 NFTs will be minted by $WSF Token
WallStreet Finance NFT Collection.